Worshipping At Home

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Created by clergy from the UK, this prayer resource offers creative ways to help you pray at home, some pre-written prayers, some comforting Scripture readings, and even a finger labyrinth to use if you just can’t find the words. 

Faith Five is a daily practice for families of every size, age, and makeup. For those of us who live alone, this is a great way to check in with a friend or a family member, and grow closer to God together! It’s five simple steps: share, read, talk pray, and bless. 

Illustrated Ministries is offering one new devotional coloring page each week. Whether you’re 5, 55, or 85, this week you’re invited to consider: who does God call me to be? How does God call me to act? 

Want to read the Bible at home, but not sure where to start? The Presbyterian Mission Agency offers both daily and weekly Bible reading plans. 

From the Presbyterians Today magazine comes this Lenten Devotional focused on justice.