Helpful Information for First-Time Visitors

We know that it can be a little intimidating to go into any setting for the first time, especially if you don’t know anyone else there. Churches can be even more intimidating.

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve barged in on a private gathering.  Or, It can seem like there’s some sort of secret, unwritten code that everyone but you is in on.

We hope that the few tips here will help you feel comfortable joining us and navigating your first visit.  If you have questions that aren’t answered here, we hope you’ll call or email the church and ask us (contact information is in the frame at the bottom of the page).  We love to talk to people – and we love to talk about Hanover Presbyterian Church!

Really, it’s that simple. So come in, relax, and worship God with us!

Drop Us a Line

We would love to hear from you!