“Is there anything I’m not supposed to do during the service – because I’m not a member?”

We do all of the things we do on Sunday morning because we have been blessed by God, through Jesus Christ, and he has called us, through the Holy Spirit, to this community.  If you come to visit, we know God has called you as well.  And so, we welcome you as we would welcome God.

There is nothing that happens during a worship service that visitors are not welcome to do with us.  In fact, we hope you will join us in every aspect.  We hope you’ll sing with us, pray with us, laugh with us – and after the service – eat with us.

A lot of times, this question comes up because some churches limit participation in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper (also called Communion or The Eucharist).  At Hanover we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month. We truly believe this supper belongs to the Lord. The opportunity to eat and drink with Christ is not a right bestowed upon the worthy, but a privilege given to all who come in faith and love. All who come to the table set at Hanover are offered the bread and cup.

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