Christian Education

Christian Education Foundations

The word “disciple” means “student.”  Christian Education is the foundation for all discipleship.

Hanover Presbyterian seeks to embody the tradition of Christian faith and, through our life together, communicate the meaning of our faith to the next generation.  We seek to communicate this meaning by the way we worship and live together.  Our Christian Education ministry is a part of this communication.  Christian Education is not indoctrination, but a means of teaching people how to practice what it means to be a Christian.

Christian education today begins with someone telling a Bible story and then asking powerful questions. Can we love as Jesus loved? Does God ask me to be obedient like Abram and Sarai? Are we called to feed Christ’s sheep? If so, what does this mean for us? The model of teaching is Jesus’ model, but Jesus also taught while he healed the sick or as he moved away from the crowd to pray. We learn through his example and by our own experience.

Christian Education Leadership Team

The Christian Education Leadership team arranges for teachers for the Sunday School classes. They order all Christian Education curriculum as well as supplies used in Sunday School. This committee also plans the curriculum for Vacation Bible School as well as decorating and purchasing all materials and supplies needed. They plan a Lenten learning event for the children every other year as well as planning the Christmas Program each year. They also arrange resources for ongoing Bible, book and video studies.

To join the leadership team, contact Tara Clark or Pastor Sarah.

Sunday School

Hanover Presbyterian offers the following Sunday school classes beginning at 9:00 am:

  • Adult Sunday School – taught by Bill McLeish
  • Youth Sunday School for Grades 6-12 – taught by Ara Fee
  • Youth Sunday School for Grades 1-5 – taught by Jane McKee
  • Youth Sunday School for Pre-School-K – taught by Dawn Felumlee

Mid-Week Bible Study

We enjoy a mid-week bible study at 7:00 pm on Wednesdays.  The topics vary but always explore the connections between our faith, Scripture and current events.

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